Artwork by Oscar Floirendo

Self Portrait Too, Coiled Plastic COlored Rattan Photo Transfer on Pine Wood Hologram, 48″ x 60″ (2009 TOP 10 Mindanao-Philippine Art Awards)

Educator, father, and visual artist — Oscar Floirendo is a modern Filipino revolutionist who uses art as his armor in educating and providing solutions to his audience, his students, mentees, and contemporaries. Based in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, where a potluck of raw talents can be found, he is currently the resident artist and assistant curator of Museo de Oro at Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan.

Reimagining Shapes and Symbols

As a sculptor and designer, the artist has a clear vision despite his multi-faceted approach to producing art. He is in the field of experimenting with both organic and industrial materials like plastic, wood, or anything else he can rummage such as circuit boards from a desktop PC or stacked vinyl tiles. His artistic process mainly comprises reimagining shapes and symbols as apparent in his works with wooden boards. In his “He Said, She Said” series, he uses concrete shapes to represent abstract ideas of diversity and dialogue. He uses color-dyed abaca as embellishments, a material rich in the land of Mindanao.

Artwork by Oscar Floirendo

“Foresee Forsaw” Mixed Media Assemblage Variable Dimensions Approx. 18”x24”, HT 20”

“A balancing act, one should not hinder the other, man’s creativity and man’s faith.” – Oscar Floirendo

One of Floirendo’s most notable pieces is a mixed media assemblage of wood and rubber tire called “Foresee Foresaw”. This piece is inspired by the artist’s three-year-old toddler whom he wishes to introduce the concepts of creativity at an early stage. The carved wood features a panolong Mindanao pattern which serves as a platform where a man tries to balance. Here, the artist wants to portray “a balancing act, where one should not hinder the other – man’s creativity and man’s faith.”

The Art Bomb Series

This artist-cum-educator has contributed important work towards peace through his art. In his art bomb series, he offers a rather “out-of-the-box” perspective on artifacts of war. By redesigning discarded bombs into toys, he generously digests generational trauma on behalf of his audience. This new route of thinking discards the preconception of fear and trauma attached to the war equipment. Although peace is a reward yet to be earned, he invites his audience to awaken from fear and think about better ways to achieve hope- and ultimately peace.

Artwork by Oscar Floirendo

The Art Bomb Series, Mixed Media Assemblage, Variable Dimensions

Art of Peace Advocate

Oscar Floirendo is one of the fellows of the Art of Peace Workshop facilitated by the UK-based organization The Change Collective. The convention is a five-day event where Filipino artists and groups working in the Bangsamoro region are brought together to learn how to use art as an alternative peacebuilding process in post-conflict communities. With a team of 30 talented participants, the initiative aims to increase the peace, safety, and prosperity of vulnerable and at-risk Bangsamoro communities and promote an enabling environment for peace. The Art of Peace Workshop was held at Xavier University, in partnership with The British Council Philippines.

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To know more about our featured artist, you may download the visual portfolio of Oscar Floirendo here:

Road Map Series Vol. 7 No. 1

The portfolio of Oscar Floirendo as a visual artist, sculptor, and designer.

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