Radzmina Tanjili, the Artistic Director of Kalluman Dance Group wants to continue teaching generations of Sama Bajau about their traditional dances because she doesn’t want it to disappear.

“Whenever I teach, I want them to learn how to follow the way I tell them to do certain steps, the style, the form. I hope they are open to it,” she said.

Twenty-five year old Patma who lives in Malate, Manila believes that it’s important that they learn about their dance because it has meaning to them.

“We learn our heritage as Sama-Bajau. It’s meaningful, and it’s an inspiration for us who are learning it,” Patma said.

For Aysha Barahim, President of the Sama Bajau Women’s Organization, it is important for Filipinos and non-Bajau to know about the culture of Sama Bajau.

“In my opinion, Sama Bajau are stereotyped. People think the Sama Bajau are just street beggars. We want to break that stereotype. It’s important that we show you our culture, so that together, we share the joy of the Sama Bajau culture,” Aysha said.

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Directed and Edited by:
Khalil S. Verzosa

Produced and Written by:
Regina S. Bautista