Road Map Series Vol. 1 No. 1 - Cover Page

THE POET writes poetry “because something in my world begs me to.” There is no other reason.
Born in Cebu City on May 22, 1956 of Chinese parents. Grew up in Davao. Finished a philosophy course at the University of San Carlos in October 1977. Took up graduate studies in philosophy at the same university. Has taught at San Pedro College in Davao, University of San Carlos in Cebu and until lately teaching at Ateneo de Davao University. She is presently enrolled for a scholar’s course, Masters in Philosophy, at Ateneo de Manila. 


I have nothing more 
to ask of myself 
what beginnings I had 
I have devoured them all 
I am empty I am full 

Every day I rise at dawn 
I put on my name 
and paint a big fire on the wall
I pretend the house is burning 
the firemen all dead

The house burns all day 
it will go on till night breaks
I live in the heat 
never burned never charred

A stiff cluster of pasts goes on
clinging like molds all over me 
disrobe me 
no future wind will dare
I am dressed I am not going anywhere