Road Map Series Vol. 1 No. 6

THE SUBJECT of this book needs no introduction, being as old as the skin of human life itself.

Some nudes by modernist painters look either like fruits or boxes. Our own local artist — in the here and now — treat the human structure with primitive realism, except for a few who venture beyond and through the body for realities of an abstract nature and aberrate thereby according to the psychological and environmental sieves through which their visions pass, limited only by their resources in the handling of media, originality and expressiveness. One will instantly notice from the middle spread specially that the more sophisticated have a more radical approach to the essence of the primitive than the primitives themselves who — in their attention to detail — have the tendency to prettify. And if this volume is any indication to the general trend and point of view taken by artists in general with regards to their distance to the subjects of their works… Collage strip on the right features highly reduced impressions of works by Petrak, So, Obenza, Tionko, Figuracion, Pañares, Secuya and Pacunla. Cruxifixion with which text starts is a pen and ink drawing on a paper napkin by Sculptor Castrillo, picked up from a Davao eatery table top where the artist had take a meal.