Road Map Series Vol. 1 No. 29

The surreal impact of video on the state of being of a young artist like Paul Corpus is what this volume is all about. Born in the early Sixties, he comes to terms with the world at large in a series of images both natural born and induced by electronic stimuli.

He finished his arts course at the Philippine Women’s College Davao, and took up architecture at the University of Mindanao for a year. He has annual commissions for theatrical sets and masks, bread puppets, and poster. He has exhibited with most of the local art exhibits put up for Davao artists and with Silayan 1987 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. His solo show of installation at the PWC in 1988 was entitled “mabaw nga Lubnganan” or “Shallow Graves,” which he describes in the opening poem of this volume.